Starbucks Shortage in Midtown!


When Starbucks released a partial list of store closures this week, Grub Street exhaled upon learning that the only New York location affected was in Staten Island. That was until we saw the complete list. Now, three other boroughs are in mourning. Midtown Manhattan will suffer the worst casualties, with six closures. We’ll pour out some latte for the 340 Madison Avenue location — two blocks from our old office — which was clearly affected by New York’s move downtown. The Glendale neighborhood of Queens lost two Starbucks, and Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, will soon find itself short a Starbucks as well. These stores will close sometime in 2009, but Starbucks isn’t done yet. The company said it would “continue to update the confirmed store list.”

Starbucks to Close 10 Stores In New York by Mid-2009 [NYT]
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