Spike from ‘Top Chef’ Slings Burgers, Richard Chills Beer with Nitrogen

Blais and Mendelsohn.
Blais and Mendelsohn.

Hung isn’t the only Top Chef alum making good today. Washingtonian’s Best Bites blog brings footage from the opening of Spike Mendelsohn’s new D.C. burger joint, Good Stuff, where former cheftestants Antonia Lofaso and Lisa Fernandes were on hand. Antonia must’ve been a little Dom P’d up, because at one point she says, “We enjoy long walks on the beach,” before clarifying, “We don’t enjoy long walks together on the beach. She’s a lesbian and I’m not” (and boy does that prompt a priceless expression from the Gorgon). Stephanie Izard, meanwhile, says she has a space and a potential business partner in mind for her own restaurant.

Finally, Richard Blais has really come into his own— according to the Jamaica Gleaner, he recently taught some young Jamaican bartenders (part of a Red Stripe-sponsored program that turns inner-city youth into alcohol enablers) to chill beer using liquid nitrogen. And how blechtacular is this?

While growing up, he ate a lot of Jamaican food and he loves curry, so he came up with an innovative mixture. He made cotton candy flavoured with curry powder, then added it to a jar of beer.

“Usually, you drink beer with curry, so I decided, why not try the curry in the beer?” he reasoned.

He is not sure people will catch on to the taste so readily but he believes it is an awesome blend.

“Why not try the curry in the beer?”, he says. Richard Blais, you are what Budweiser would call a real man of genius.

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