Rififi Will Close Tonight; Neighbor Says Good Riddance

Gothamist brings news that East Village bar and performance space Rififi will close tonight owing to what the blog Sandpaper Suit describes as “an impasse with the owner.” Between this and the rumored possibility that 40C will close, the East Village’s gritty party scene is going to be taking a hit.

An employee tells Gothamist, “Employees received text messages yesterday announcing tonight (Wednesday) as the last night open. One day’s notice, and there was a crazy insinuation that if more money had been made over the weekend the venue could have been open for another month, which seems to contradict the claim that the landlord is the reason for the closure. Who knows at this point?” A Grub Street reader who lives in the building next to the club is happy about the closure. “Every time I go down for a smoke,” she tells us, “there are hipsters lurking on my stoop, trying to pull me into the bar. It’s like a fashion show. I don’t want to put on a Lola T-shirt every time I step outside.” It bears mentioning that Rififi lived on the block before this reader moved into her recently renovated studio (equipped with mini dishwashers!).

Rififi to Close, the Laughter Dies Tonight! [Gothamist]