Rice’s Rig Runs on Recycled Oil

One way to beat the price of gas.
One way to beat the price of gas. Photo: Daniel Maurer

The idea of using cooking oil to power a truck is one that always turned us on. It’s the restaurant equivalent of biodynamic farming! But we had hoped it would be a barbecue like Hill Country, with its endless font of grease, that would engineer such a truck. We never thought it would be Rice, the healthy Asian mini-chain. But it is. As the restaurant boasts on its Website, “we fuel our delivery van (pictured) with filtered Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO); we use the oil for cooking then use it for fuel. This same van transports, every week, over 1000lbs of organic waste to the Red Hook Farm, in Brooklyn. (Operated by Added Value.) Who convert the waste into fertile organic compost.” It’s dirty oil that’s good for you. Beautiful.