Regina Schrambling Cooks for Less on Epicurious

Imagine Suge Knight taking on the role of a beleaguered sitcom dad or Don Rickles leading an intervention. That’s how unlikely (and genius) it is for Regina Schrambling to write a thrifty cooking column for Epicurious. Schrambling, a veteran food writer for the New York Times and Los Angeles Times, has written an addictive, acid-tongued blog for years called Gastropoda. Schrambling has long written food and cooking features, but will she stay true to her edgy ways in a first-person cooking blog? Schrambling’s first post for Epicurious is somewhat strained, with the curmudgeonly writer making like the Happy Homemaker and pondering whether to dump out leftover panko. In true Schrambling fashion, she’s already gone overboard, writing as if she were living under the siege of Leningrad: “I saved the white from the egg I beat into milk to bread the flounder I was about to fry; I used the last of the ghee in my cabinet to flavor some vintage basmati rice I scrounged up rather than buying fresh.” This is not what we expect from the Terror of the New York food media.

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