Silvano’s Pedicure Makes Waves; Bush Offends Asparagus Farmers

• An impromptu meeting of 40 public-relations workers at 230 Fifth was interrupted when owner Steve Greenberg yelled at them to leave since no one was ordering any drinks. [NYDN]

Da Silvano owner Silvano Marchetto showed up to a cancer benefit with his big-toe nails painted blue with yellow scorpions on top. [NYP]

• Domestic asparagus farmers aren’t happy that President Bush openly declared his love for German asparagus to the media during his visit there last month. [WSJ]

• Celebs like Brooke Shields and Jeff Gordon love bringing their babies to Brasserie Cognac. [NYP]

• A list of cheap eating destinations for every situation: hot dates, impressing the parents, etc. [TONY]

• If you want to know where to eat cheaply, there’s no better person to ask than a chef. [TONY]