Rachael Ray Memoir Already Has Cynics Sniggering

Rachael Ray will tell her story, but who will listen?Photo: Getty ImagesE! gossip Ted Casablanca reports that Rachael Ray is at work on a memoir — a fact that, if true, will do more to explain the age we live in than a whole roster of David Kamps and Arthur Schlesinger Jr.’s could. As Ted puts it, “I mean, aren’t you just dying to know how the former candy salesclerk went from a simple Peppermint Patty to a giant sucker in seconds flat? I know I’m not.” Exactly so. But as observers of the food scene, we feel we owe it to ourselves to read the book, tentatively titled EVOhno, and report back for the good of Grub Street.

Tales of a Sour Tart [E! via Serious Eats]