Public House Rethinks Its Steam-Pipe-Explosion Party

Were not alone in thinking Irish Car Bombs are pretty tastelessly named (youd never see a drink called a Spanish Train Bomb or an Israeli Disco Bomb), but midtown office-worker zoo Public House decided to push the envelope just a lil further by throwing a steam-pipe-explosion anniversary party (youll recall that last years incident resulted in a death and some injuries) consisting of $6 PipeBomb drinks and a Taste Explosion platter. Gothamist reports that Public House has since apologized for trying to cultivate what can only be called bomb-araderie: Our intention was not to capitalize on a day that horrified people; it was intended to say thank you to everyone who was here with us when it happened. Let this be a lesson to any bar thinking of offering crane-collapse specials next year.

Public House Apologizes for Steam-Pipe-Explosion Drink Specials [Gothamist]