Parks Commissioner Grilled by Brooklyn Journalist

Adrian Benepe takes it on the chin.
Adrian Benepe takes it on the chin. Photo:

The Red Hook vendors have been through a lot, and it’s hard to feel much sympathy for the city bureaucrats who did it to them. But when Gersh Kuntzman of the Brooklyn Paper got Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe in his sights last Sunday, you almost felt for the city bigwig. Benepe and the assorted pols were expecting polite claps. But Kuntzman, a longtime supporter of the vendors, went after Benepe with enough vigor to compel Chuck Schumer to come to his rescue. Kuntzman’s questions — Why put the vendors through this? Why not cut them a break? — were reasonable. But no official at what was essentially a self-congratulatory ribbon-cutting was going to answer them, which Kuntzman certainly knew. But it makes for some good video, especially since Porkchop Express blogger J. Slab is unmasked.

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