New York Food Puritans Seek Fast-food Moratorium

Every choice you make is wrong!
Every choice you make is wrong! Photo: Getty Images

Fast food has taken a beating from city health authorities in recent years but always gets off the canvas. Now there are rumblings that some lawmakers in New York want to ban it entirely! Yes, it’s true: City Councilman Eric Gioia of Queens wants to follow the lead of fast-food puritans in L.A. and impose a one-year ban on new fast-food restaurants, reports the Sun. “People are literally being poisoned by their diets — L.A.’s idea deserves serious consideration as we look for holistic solutions to a serious problem. A moratorium may help stem the problem,” Gioia told the paper. Another councilman, James Oddo of Staten Island, likes the idea too. “I drive around my district and I see people engaging in incredibly unhealthy lifestyles that I know I pay for, to some degree,” Mr. Oddo told the Sun. “If there’s a way to make them have a healthier lifestyle so I don’t pay for it, I would be open to it.” The New York Restaurant Association is not so hot on the idea, and neither are we. Much as we long for a technocratic nanny state to come and take away our will, it can’t be at the expense of BK Quad Stackers.

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