New Jersey Now a Trans-Fat Destination

Leave the state; take the cannoli.
Leave the state; take the cannoli. Photo: iStockphoto

New Jersey has changed a lot over the years, but one thing about it is true. New Jerseyans, especially in nearby Bergen and Atlantic counties, love their fats. Lardy, flaky meat pies in Jersey City; plump, overstuffed cannoli in Hoboken; papas rellenas in Union City: All are catnip to Garden State gourmands, whose Sansabelt slacks and loose-fitting oxfords are built to accommodate a lifetime of hard eating. As a result, they have nothing but scorn for today’s trans-fat regulations, which prohibits any food item (including baked goods) to have more than half a gram of trans fat per serving. (The city explains its draconian guidelines here.) Sal Picinich at Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken told the Post that “anyone who needs their trans-fats fix should know we’re only a short drive or PATH ride away.” We know, Sal. But it’s still not worth it.

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