New iPhone Makes It Easier to Be a Mobile Gourmand

Bloody brilliant.
Bloody brilliant.

Dale DeGroff’s Essential Cocktail will be way too big to fit in your pocket when it comes out in October (it’ll be a $35 hardcover), but there are other options. Cocktails, a $9.99 application, soups up the new iPhone 2.0 with a database of over 1,500 drink recipes that can be searched by cocktail category, spirit base, and flavor. Beats trying to make drinks with a Rube Goldberg machine! So what other iPhone apps are available on iTunes for booze and grub hounds?

• Yelp!, Urbanspoon, and Munch use GPS to find nearby restaurants. Urbanspoon, the most restaurant-specific of the three, allows you to search them by neighborhood, cuisine, or price.

• Restaurant Nutrition stores the calorie information from various fast-food chains. Kind of useless now that calorie postings are de rigueur.

• Meal Splitter, TipCalc, ACTGratuity, and BigTipper calculate tips and make it easier to split bills among friends. Nothing your old PalmPilot couldn’t do.

• Limbo, Loopt, and Whrrl allow you to see where your friends are, so you can join them at a certain bar or restaurant.

And let’s not forget that if you want to get recommendations from good ol’ New York, via text, there’s always our mobile restaurant and bar listings. Now if they could just find a way to make your phone double as a microwave…

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