Miracle Fruit Is More Expensive Than a Gallon of Gas

The good stuff.Miracle Fruit, the berry that tricks your taste buds into perceiving sour tastes as sweet, may have gone quasi-mainstream, but it’s not getting any cheaper. We recently opted out of a “flavor tripping” party on July 4 when we were frantically warned, before the party, that supply was limited and that the berries would cost $6 each (that’s about double what they were when we first alerted you to local supplier Miracle Connect). Huffington Post blogger Shira Levine made it to the party with bells and reports on what she calls “a food orgy that tantalizes the tongue.” In our experience (though apparently not in Levine’s), the berry makes bottom-shelf tequila taste like high-quality mescal. We wonder how long it’ll be before folks start selling hits outside of dive bars like dealers used to push Ecstasy outside of Twilo.

The Miracle Berry: A Food Orgy That Tantalizes the Tongue [Huffington Post]