Marion’s Continental Returns, But Without Martinis Just Yet


Back on the Bowery.Photo: Youngna Park

The future of Marions Continental seemed grim when it closed so that Marco Pierre White could film Chopping Block there, but rest assured it reopened last weekend after a three-month hiatus. (The Kelley and Peng space, which was also used, still seems to be vacant.) According to a bartender who couldnt even scare up a Jack-and-Ginger (no ginger ale), the famous martinis will be back soon, and a sign on the window promises that food will also return. The walls are pretty bare right now, but theres one addition: a door that opens onto neighboring lounge Antik (the bartender told us, over some really loud funk music, that the two are still under separate ownership). Let us know when youre ready for us, Marions well have ours with a twist.