Knitting Factory Clinches Move to Williamsburg


Enjoy it while it lasts.Photo: Andrew Karcie

According to a Times article, the Knitting Factory secured permission to move to the former Luna Lounge this week (ah, the irony a Lower East Side institution moves to Brooklyn, only to be replaced by a Tribeca institution moving to Brooklyn). When the new one-room space opens, in four to nine months, itll be smaller than the current triplex and bankrolled, in part, by concert halls the Knit has purchased in Boise and Spokane, where acts like, um, Ted Nugent will play. So with Tonic and Knitting Factory gone, will the downtown music scene now be rooted in Williamsburg? Nah theres still John Zorns albeit booze-less East Village venue, the Stone. Like Fear once said, New Yorks all right if you like saxophones.

For Knitting Factory, Westward Ho (Brooklyn, Too) [NYT]