Is There a Junk-Food Trend on the Horizon?


In the Post today, Carla Spartos explores chefs’ ambivalent feelings about using MSG and other junk-food ingredients and methods in their dishes. Wyle Dufresne points out the similarities between the molecular-gastronomy movement and the guys who came up with Cool Ranch Doritos, the flavor of which he says he’d consider using in a mashed-potato dish. He tells the Post, “We had a lot of questions about cooking — about what was happening to our food as it was cooking — and some of the more traditional routes didn’t offer a complete explanation, so we began to delve deeper into food science. And where are the food scientists working? In the commercial food industry.” Will fast food become more of a go-to? Will we now see empanadas described as “hot pockets” on the menu?

Snack Attack! [NYP]