Is Pinkberry Facing a Juicing Scandal?

Racist?Photo courtesy of alessi-shop.comPinkberry is under fire for selling Alessi juicers that, according to the Website Drop the Juicer, are “essentially three-dimensional caricatures of Chinese ‘coolies’ or laborers who emigrated to the United States well over a century ago.” And that’s not cool: “Such stereotypes are rarely flattering,” says the blog, started by Chai Park and Jin Hee Lee as a grassroots effort to eradicate all "Mandarin" juicers from the planet. “These three-dimensional caricatured heads with slanted eyes and rice-paddy hats emasculate Asian males, reducing them to slit-eyed plastic bowls that become orange or yellow in color as more oranges or lemons are squeezed upon their rice paddy hats. It’s hard to see the humor in that.” We await a response from Pinkberry’s Korean-American owners.

Promoting ignorance…the Pinkberry way [Drop the Juicer via Gawker]