Is Kirsten Dunst the New Queen of the Beatrice Inn?

You know where to find her. Photo: Patrick McMullan

In an apparent effort to one-up its item about Ashley Olsen and Lindsay Lohan tangling over Samantha Ronson at the Beatrice Inn a couple of months ago, the Post reports that Kirsten Dunst, who’s in town shooting a movie, made out with the club’s house D.J. Matt Creed early Monday morning. And that’s not all! Defamer has it that Dunst was back last night, robbing an Olsen twin of the spotlight and getting up close and personal with Josh Hartnett. A source tells the site, “Kirsten went straight towards him and spent a good half hour laughing and chatting him up by the bar — their faces were so close, they might as well have been eskimo-kissing.” Nice! Someone has read Gawker’s “How to Get Laid at the Beatrice Inn.”

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Kirsten Dunst and Josh Hartnett were at last night's screening of August together. See what happened!