Ilan Hall to Be Chef at Spanish Meatpacking-District Venture?

Ilan Hall: employed at last!
Ilan Hall: employed at last! Photo: Getty Images

We’re hearing that Ilan Hall might have finally found himself a job — and no, we don’t mean opening a taco truck. The Top Chef winner just might be the executive chef at a massive Spanish restaurant called ¡pasé! in the meatpacking district, at 455 West 16th Street. (¡Pasé! means “come” in Spanish, rather than “over” in French, though we’re sure folks will have fun with the homonym.) Well, that’s the plan anyhow — right now they may still be rounding up the right amount of cash. But if things get off the ground, the place will presumably feature food in the vein of Hall’s previous employ at Casa Mono, with what is no doubt hoped will be a muy chic atmosphere — all the better to attract those free-spending Euro types. The restaurant, which will be designed by Stephan Dupoux of Dupoux Design, is slated to open toward the end of the year.

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