How to Dine With Your Bodyguards

If you happen to dine with bodyguards, the new issue of W has some useful advice! Eric Ripert appreciates the fact that the security detail of politicians sit at tables or at the bar (or even in the car) rather than standing around, and Diana Biederman of ’21’ Club says ex-generals are discreet enough to reserve the next table over so their bodyguards can blend in. Another restaurateur respects Justin Timberlake for eating at the same table as his bouncer, though this is apparently a fireable offense. One thing not to do, says Amy Sacco, is to roll deep just because you’re a wealthy foreigner. “No kidnapper is going to nab them [at Bungalow 8],” she says. “And no one inside knows who they are — or cares.”

Security Breach [W]