Have Models Turned Rose Bar into the World’s Fanciest High School Cafeteria?

Scene of the bottle battles.Photo courtesy of the Gramercy Park Hotel
In an ABC News piece about “the ugly side of modeling,” Noel Ashman said, “Everyone wants a piece of them.” Ironic, since our old friend Baird Jones once told us that Ashman’s club, The Plumm, is notorious for planting young models at tables. Just how heated does the model grab get? Blogger Chipping Mademoiselle, who was at Rose Bar recently, describes a “turf war” over the matter of “who has the best girls (more famous models) at their table, and who can convince more girls to ‘switch sides.’” Case in point: “Bridgette, one of the girls at my table, tells me that she knows the promoters next to us. Yet, because she is at another table, they refuse to acknowledge her existence when she says hi! But had she not been with a group of models, they would have been very, ‘Oh hi darling,’ with her.” Ew. At least in the high school cafeteria, Tang didn’t cost $20.

Meet me at the club, it’s goin down…turf war at Rose Bar [Get to the Point…]