Grub Street Alums Made Good Last Weekend

joey chestnut and takeru kobayashi

Salami and cheese lover.Photo: Melissa Hom

A few Grub Street alums made the weekend papers Recent New York Diet subject Crazy Legs Conti, in case you were wondering, placed 11th in the Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest by downing twenty-four dogs (a personal best). Mark Ibold, former member of Pavement and bartender at Great Jones Caf, rocked out with Sonic Youth at Battery Park. Santogold, who is playing SummerStage on July 20 and touring with Coldplay, spent an evening with the Times at Castros, the Fort Greene cantina known for its garden that she praised in her New York Diet. Donatella Arpaia, another New York Diet alum (youll recall her Hot Pocket habit), tells the Sunday Post about her New York. The feature isnt online, but, food-wise, she singles out her dads place Fiorino, Bouchon Bakerys quiche (its like 1,000 calories and if you want to cheat on your diet its so worthwhile) and the cheese and salami at Di Palos Fine Foods (shes saddened by how much Little Italy has changed but still loves the family operation). And finally, we were amused to see Kobe Club waiter Jeremy Sullivan mentioned in the Times Magazines profile of Rush Limbaugh reporter Zev Chafets leaves the tip after dining with Rush and later, upon reading our Ask A Waiter, is stricken with guilt when he realizes he might have deprived the server of Rushs customary $5,000 gratuity. Cheap journalists!