Food Network Wants You(!) to Be Schooled by Celeb Chefs

The Food Network has an idea for a “very different culinary competition show,” and, wow, does it look original! It pushes the envelope so much, in fact, that we’re amazed the creators are showing their cards by trolling Craigslist for applicants. Get ready for it now; the ad goes like this.

Are you a hopeless cook? Or is someone you know totally incompetent in the kitchen?

Food Network is looking for the most disastrous cooks in the country to participate in a very different culinary competition show!

This is the opportunity of a lifetime—to work with the best chefs in the country and learn to cook like a professional. Seeking outgoing people with a genuine inability to cook, but a need and desire to improve!

This idea might just be too edgy to make it to the screen, but we’ll wait to see how it pans out.

The FOOD NETWORK in Search of Hopeless Home Cooks! [Craigslist]