Florent’s Chef Stayed On at R&L Restaurant

Landlord turned restaurateur Joanne Lucas appeared before Community Board 2 last night to put Florent’s liquor license in her eatery’s name, R&L; Restaurant. Lucas assured the board there were no significant changes to the restaurant, except for a couple of specials and desserts. Talking to us after the meeting, Lucas said she preferred to leave details about the food to chef Michael Manhertz, the former Florent chef. (Manhertz, alas, was not there to explain his additions to the menu.) Lucas wouldn’t reveal who was after Florent’s space, but she did say all the offers came from restaurants, not boutiques. Will her eleventh-hour decision to operate the restaurant herself be a lasting one? “I hope so,” was all Lucas would say. —Randi Eichenbaum

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