Florent Takes a Bittersweet Tour of the Meatpacking

In a must-watch LXTV video, Florent Morellet briefly comes out of retirement to give Mo Rocca a tour of the meatpacking district. He of course starts by reminiscing about tranny prossies, who can navigate cobblestone better than your average clubber. “If they’re running after a john that didn’t pay them,” he says, “They can run on the cobblestones with high heels with no problem.” Rocca, who isn’t quite as charismatic as Morellet, takes him to Hogs & Heifers, where a tattooed biker-type is bummed that his favorite 2 a.m. spot has closed, and then they go to the Diane Von Furstenberg shop, where Mo Rocca marvels that it smells really good. “Yes, like someone broke the bubble!” Morellet laughs with what seems like a twinge of sadness.

Mo Rocca Spends 5 Minutes with Florent [LXTV]