Fatty Cue Makes Its Public Debut at Flatiron Event

Willis Loughhead and the still-present Geoffrey Zakarian of Country; Ben Pollinger keeps his fingers crossed on the eve of his review.Gail Simmons forgives Josh Ozersky for all wisecracks. Photo: Josh Ozersky

Zak Pelaccio and Robbie Richter premiered tastes of their forthcoming Fatty Cue last night at Celebrate Flatiron Chefs event at Madison Square Park. The samples were excellent: a curry-cured Berkshire pork belly we couldn't get enough of and some smoked lamb ribs that were long-marinated in a mix of potent Thai spices. But the event had other things worth seeing and tasting. At the Country table, Geoffrey Zakarian presided, visibly countering reports of his departure. Boqueria served a piece of transporting smoked lamb belly previously confited in Ossabaw pork fat, and Ilili made deboned lamb rib skewers with strawberry aleppo pepper marinade strawberry-scented shawarma. Gail Simmons looked tanned and rested in the Top Chef off-season, but Ben Pollinger of Oceana seemed nervous on the eve of his New York Times review. We've got more photos after the jump.

Correction: Ilili served deboned lamb rib skewers with strawberry aleppo pepper marinade. We had identified it as "strawberry-scented shawarma."