Exclusive: Beard Foundation to Bring Top Chinese Chefs in the World Together in November


The James Beard Foundation will host its long-rumored Chinese food conference, “Dumplings & Dynasties,” on November 13 through November 15. The time is right: Chinese cooking, after so many decades of Communist-imposed exile, is developing a global renaissance, and chefs like New York’s Susur Lee and Hong Kong’s Chow Chung are creating a body of work that is redefining the most traditional of cuisines. Eight of the top Chinese chefs in the world, from both China and the West, will cook a gala dinner to lead off the conference, which includes panel discussions and field trips like a tour of Chinatown; a dumpling-factory workshop; and a Chinese wine tasting. Tickets to the gala dinner cost $500, and conference registration is $250 (tickets are cheaper for students and members). We’ve got a list of the dinner chefs after the jump.

The chefs for the big gala dinner on the 13th are:
Chen Jun, Peninsula Restaurants (Shanghai)
Richard Chen, Wing Lei (Las Vegas)
Chow Chung, Chow Choi (Hong Kong)
Susanna Foo, Susanna Foo (Philadelphia)
Susur Lee, Madeline’s and Lee (Toronto) and Shang by Susur Lee (New York)
Patrick Lin, Metropolitan Hotels (Toronto and Vancouver)
Terrence Chan and Ken Tam, Lai Wah Heen (Toronto)

Dumplings and Dynasties: the Evolution of Modern Chinese Cuisine [Official site]