Eskimix: Would You Like Your Fro-Yo With Barley Juice?


Another fro-yo stand (er, “flavor boutique”) has hit the city, and we’ll give this one credit for being somewhat original. Eskimix offers its probiotic yogurt flavors in sweet and tart, and in addition to dozens of fruit, candy, and nut toppings, lets you add in vitamin and protein boosters and other good stuff such as barley juice and aloe vera (they also offer dairy-free tofu as a yogurt substitute). As you can see from the menu, you can either mix your own flavor combos or try suggested ones like Cheesecake Crescendo (fruit, light cream cheese, and graham crackers) or Sedona Wellness (green apple, prickly-pear cactus, and lime). A limited breakfast menu offers an açaí bowl and Greek yogurt. Obviously, the lawyers who opened this place are banking on this being the Jamba Juice of fro-yo stands.

Eskimix, 318 Bleecker St., nr. Grove St.;