E. Coli Outbreak Compounds Food Fears; Ed Witt Opening 88 Bloomingdale Road in August

• With the salmonella-tomatoes fiasco not yet a memory, supermarkets around the country are pulling half a million pounds of beef from their shelves due to potential E. coli contamination that has already caused 40 illnesses. [NYT]

• Sure, these are more casual times, with no real dress code for restaurants anymore, but the handful of remaining restaurants with an actual code should be respected by their patrons. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• Lunchtime diners in Times Square haven’t changed their eating habits based on the calorie figures now posted on menus. [Slate]

• A rowdy drunk got into a fight with the staff at Da Silvano last night and hit owner Silvano Marchetto before the cops showed up. [Eater]

• 88 Bloomingdale Road will open in the former Aix Brasserie space around early August with Ed Witt, formerly of Varietal and Il Buco, running the kitchen. [Insatiable Critic]

Franklin Park will expand its already impressive size another 2,000 square feet when it takes over a neighboring hardware store this fall. [Feed/TONY]