‘Doorman’ Star Fabrizio Brienza Works the Rope at the Plaza

Yesterday, we interviewed Trevor W., the fictitious gatekeeper who stars in the mockumentary The Doorman, but, lets face it, the actual doorman (and model-actor) Fabrizio Brienza is the movies flamboyant, depraved scene stealer (for some real hilarity, check out Cooking With Fabrizio). Brienza is seen working the door at defunct Happy Valley in the film but where can you find the hirsute Italian now? Per a Good Night Mr. Lewis interview with Danny A. of Upstairs, it turns out that hes the rope tender at Danny A.s month-old venue, Rose Club, in the Plaza Hotel. This alone makes us want to go uptown, and boy does Danny A. spend a lot of time telling us how totally not far away uptown is!

Danny A.: Ill be honest; its not a huge transition uptown. It's not a long trip. If you look at a group of girls, its a $10 cab ride to the Plaza.

Steve Lewis: From where?

DA: From anywhere downtown.

SL: And every once in a while you go to the park, so its not as intimidating as 63rd and Amsterdam. It is the park.

DA: People assume, I have to go all the way uptown. In reality, at nighttime Ive done it plenty of times just to figure it out at nighttime its a seven-, eight-minute cab ride.

SL: People are going to Johnny Utahs now, on 51st Street.

DA: Once a week.

SL: They are going, so they are used to going to that neighborhood.

DA: Its being pushed in that direction, but I like to think of it as if youre already going out, it doesnt really matter if its uptown or downtown. I mean, I wouldnt go somewhere on 90-something street. I think thats ridiculous.

But what about a group of girls taking an eight-minute helicopter ride to 90-something street? Would that be okay?