DiPalo’s Will Expand, Open Wineshop

DiPalo’s today; the shop will expand on the left of the photo.Photo: Everett Bogue
Most of Little Italy is a shadow of its former self, but as anyone who ever stood in line for half an hour to buy a pound of milky mozzarella will tell you, DiPalo Dairy is going strong. The store will annex the adjacent space to double in size, with the new section opening in September. “Now people will be able to come in, see more products, get waited on faster,” says owner Lou DiPalo. “We’ll be able to explain to people about our products. Now, we’re too busy to do that.” In mid-August, the family will open DiPalo Wine Shop next door to the cheese store. “Now after you get some Italian cheese, maybe you want some Italian wine to go with it,” says DiPalo. Sounds like a plan.