David Chang Gets a Bit More Media Exposure on ‘Charlie Rose’

david chang

Chang and Rose get deeper than Springer's Final
Thought.Photo courtesy Serious Eats

David Chang had a long, long interview on Charlie Rose last night, and, for fans of the Momofuku man, it was pure gold. He confirmed that something for Vegas is in the works and, naturally, delivered his standard lines about taking his celebrity with a grain of salt and complimenting the chefs he learned from, like Andrew Carmellini, Marco Canora, and Jonathan Benno. But over the course of the long interview, all of which is conveniently lined up for you on Serious Eats, we also found out some other key pieces of information.

He admits that his original plan for selling Asian burritos was a disaster, only averted because of the happy creation of the late-night menu: I dont know what the hell I was thinking.

Words to live by: Authenticity is overrated. We couldnt agree more. And the Momofuku motto (also words to live by): Undersell and overdeliver.

Great moment in the interview: Rose, quoting to Chang about himself from Gourmet, exclaiming, Half this issue is about you!

Theres also a lot about Changs philosophy of life giving it your all, being "as reckless as possible, etc. But, really, the interview is just about watching Chang be Chang. As weve said many times before: Theres only one Freddie Mercury, theres only one "Magic" Johnson, and theres only one David Chang, no matter what you think of the whole Ko phenomenon.

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