Country Fails Reinspection, This Time for Fruit Flies

Country didn’t open last night, and, apparently, it wasn’t because of their not having filed a DOH-approved sous vide plan. No, the city came down on the place for the presence of fruit flies, Eater is reporting. They quote a source within the DOH who says, “28 points needed to fail and 28 points awarded in fruit flies at the bar and storage areas.…The DOH is being tough on fruit flies when many restaurants are riddled with vermin.” Chef Geoffrey Zakarian has released a statement that was readied earlier in the day and addresses the sous vide issues, but apparently thought he was out of the woods on the insect issue. Not so. But given the ubiquity of fruit flies near storage areas in the summer, this latest development seems a little draconian, even by DOH standards.

DOH Chronicles: Country Can’t Catch a Break, Fails Reinspection [Eater]
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