Come Meet Us Sunday at the Red Hook Ball Fields


In the interest of helping the Red Hook vendors get back on their feet (and also because it’s a cool idea), Serious Eats is inviting its readers to meet up at the Red Hook soccer fields this Sunday at 12:30. It occurs to us that this is a “the more, the merrier” situation, thus Grub Street is joining the party, in the interest of boosting vendors’ profits as well as further building upon the unity between our two blogging nations. So we plan on being there, too, to share a taco with Easy Ed Levine and the other Serious Eats staffers and readers. Maybe together we can help the vendors dig themselves out of the debt caused by the Department of Health’s draconian laws and the three-month delay in opening that the new regulations caused. Grub Street editor Josh Ozersky will be at the fields from 12:30 onward, so if you want to give him a piece of your mind, say hello, or just share a papusa, come on by. Are there any other bloggers out there who want in? Come on by. Let’s line some vendors’ pockets and give them a day they won’t soon forget.

Serious Eats Meet-Up: Sunday July 27 at the Red Hook Ball Fields [Serious Eats]

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