Cityfile Makes Chef Stalking Way Easier

Yesterday our sister blog Daily Intel pointed us to Cityfile, a recently launched who’s who of New Yorkers. Among the 2,100-plus who rank so far are, of course, many restaurateurs, club owners, and chefs. Their bios don’t say much that can’t be found via Google, but you won’t find descriptions like this on Wikipedia: “The foul-mouthed, volcanically-tempered, porcine [David] Chang (his staff’s nickname for him is ‘Gordo’) is seeing a fellow Korean-American who works in the ad department at Microsoft.” Clearly the editors aren’t afraid to be catty, posting Tom Colicchio’s home address and the sexual orientations of chefs like Gabrielle Hamilton, April Bloomfield, and Patricia Yeo, as well as delving into their dating lives: “Yeo, who lives on Charles Street, recently had a romantic schism with longtime partner Jennifer Scism, who nonetheless remains Annisa’s sommelier and co-owner.” One thing to keep in mind — the bios could have used some better fact-checking (Sasha Petraske’s the Mercury Dime is referred to by the name it had back when it was going to be a wine bar, the Mighty Ocelot) so take all of it with a grain of salt.

Cityfile [Official site]