City Winery Will Allow Members to Make Their Own

The new Galapagos.Photo courtesy of Galapagos
Trend alert! The Times today points to a cluster of “new clubs and performance spaces in New York designed to stand out in a crowded market.” So how are they trying to stand out? Brooklyn Bowl, from former Wetlands owner Peter Shapiro, will feature bowling (of course) and food from Blue Ribbon, such as French-bread pizza. City Winery, from Knitting Factory founder Michael Dorf, will offer concerts by the likes of Philip Glass, and its top-tier members will have the chance to make their own barrels of wine in the restaurant’s cellar. Finally, Santos’ Party House, Poisson Rouge, and the new Galapagos will host live acts that range beyond the usual rock and roll (which hardly seems novel, but, hey, every trend story needs a few stretches). Strangely, the article neglects to mention the Eldridge and its popcorn nights.

New Club Twins Rock ’N’ Bowl [NYT]