Cavatappo Brand to Expand; Vote for New McDonald’s Jingle

• Restaurateur Luca Marcato will reopen Luca as Cavatappo Grill in August, the same month he opens a second outpost of Cavatappo Wine Bar in Gramercy Park. [Feed/TONY]

• Over the years, Budweiser trampled dozens of local beer brands thanks to its strong marketing, a fact more lamentable than its sale to InBev. [Salon]

• The new Gotham City pizza at Domino’s, so named due to the release of The Dark Knight, is just a regular pizza with way too much pepperoni on it. [Slice]

• You should probably sign in to MySpace and vote for your favorite version of the revived McDonald’s “Big Mac Chant,” since it’s going to be on TV all the time. [NYT]

• Arthur Weinstein, the nightclub impresario who found success even in the shadow of Studio 54, died last week from cancer. [NYT]

• Entertaining outdoors is easy — as long as you have a large, stainless-steel gas grill with three burners and a charcoal smoker-grill combination. [WSJ]

• Can a coffee shop really refuse to serve espressos on ice? [And I Am Not Lying]