Burger Wars: Spike Being Sued by Five Guys?

Spike: facing the wrath of Five Guys?
Spike: facing the wrath of Five Guys? Photo: Youngna Park

According to Top Chef blog Amuse Biatch, Spike Mendelsohn’s Good Stuff Eatery, in Washington, D.C., may be getting sued by Five Guys. A reader wrote in to the blog saying that he had spoken to the former Top Chef contestant’s dad: “He likes to talk to everyone and told me and my friends that the restaurant is being sued by DC chain Five Guys since the burger ‘Spike’s Five Napkin Burger’ sounds too much like something they have. Spike’s dad didn’t go into details, but he said that he was delighted to be sued and hoped it would bring in publicity.” We called Good Stuff Eatery and were told, “That’s a great line! No, we have a great relationship with Five Guys! I have to go. We’re very busy.” Asked if he was a manager (once he stopped laughing), the man replied, “I’m just the person who answers the phone,” and then hung up.

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