Brandworkers Turns on City Bakery, Calls Wild Edibles Boss Racist

So much for the truce between Wild Edibles and union group Brandworkers International. Self-described radical blog Next Left Notes brings news and video footage from a protest at City Bakery. According to a Brandworkers mouthpiece, it’s not cool that City Bakery’s Maury Rubin is friends with Wild Edibles honcho Richard Martin, who, the Brandworkers guy claims, is a “really sleazy guy,” “really, really nasty,” and “also racist.” Hence, last weekend, about a dozen folks gathered outside of City Bakery, banged on drums, and told passersby that “sweatshop fish [is] served up daily.…Don’t eat the fishes here. They’re tainted with exploitation!” You get the idea. Rubin, who is known for his green business practices and offering benefits to his employees, can’t be pleased about this. We’ve asked him for comment and will update you with his response.

Workers March on Global Day of Action [Next Left Notes]
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