“Beach Brawl” at Beer Island; Tomato Farmer Hosts at Telepan

Coney Island: Last night, Beer Island hosted an American Gladiators-like “Beach Brawl” between the New York Fire and Police Departments. [Brit in Brooklyn]
Financial District: Even promising Cameron Diaz’s presence couldn’t persuade residents to support approval of a liquor license for a new bar at 6 Murray Street, owned by Eytan Sugarman, who also owns Southern Hospitality with Justin Timberlake. You know, Diaz’s ex? We wouldn’t want that triangle of association in our neighborhood either. [Downtown Express]
Lower East Side: A new Chickpea comes to the neighborhood, on the corner of Eldridge and Houston. Longtime fans gripe with the fact that their falafels are now baked, rather than fried.[Bowery Boogie]
Park Slope: Although they call its opening as usual as “a cow farting,” A Hamburger Today is dutifully checking out the new Five Guys, and invites all to join them. [Hamburger Today]
Prospect Heights: Metromix New York concludes, in their “Bar Shots” roundup of the nabe, that bargoers would rather enjoy outdoor seating than take advantage of burlesque acts indoors. [Metromix New York]
Upper West Side: Next month, author and “tomato farmer extraordinaire” Tim Stark will host an evening of dinner and wine tasting at Telepan to promote his new book. [Grub Street]