Is STK Hamburglarizing the Big Mac?

mini big mac

What would Hamburglar think?Photo: Daniel Maurer

In what might or might not be a nod to the Big Macs 40th anniversary (full disclosure: we know this because Mickey Ds took care of our lunch today. See how we roll?), Todd Mark Miller at STK has launched an appetizer that hes calling Mini Big-Macs, priced at $20 and consisting of Wagyu beef, goat cheese, special sauce, house-made pickles, fresh truffles, ketchup, mayo, shallots, chives, truffle oil, and lemon juice, on a grilled sesame-seed bun (try putting that to the Big Mac jingle). The press release suggests you Super Size it by adding black truffles for an extra $5 or foie gras for an extra $10. Our question: Given that Big Mac and Super Size are registered trademarks (Josh Eden even calls the off-the-menu burger at Shortys.32 a MacShorty since McShorty would be too close to McDonalds) we wonder whether STK will incur Ronalds legal wrath? Then again, with so many louche ingredients, this could arguably fall under the category of satire.