An Exclusive Look at the Heath Ledger–Backed Williamsburg Bistro

The kitchen area.
The kitchen area.

When our friends at Down by the Hipster revealed that they had interior photos of John McCormick’s latest creation (working name: Five Leaves), we were so excited that we begged to see them. They sent over this detail of the kitchen area, for the eyes of Grub Street’s readers only, and have posted more (yes, more!) on their own site. The bistro is still being built, but, boy, does it look promising. McCormick — who also had a hand in the Beatrice (which may explain how Heath Ledger became involved in the project) — is one of the most creative interior designers working today, so chances of this being awesome range from 98 percent to 100 percent.

Correction: John McCormick did not have a hand in the Beatrice, though his brother Kevin did plaster painting work.

Inside Five Leaves [DBTH]
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