Adventures in Eating in Brighton Beach

Metromix's Joshua Bernstein stops for a snack.
Metromix’s Joshua Bernstein stops for a snack.

The eater’s paradise that is Brighton Beach has never been sufficiently appreciated. Summer typically brings any number of tributes to Coney Island, its freaks and dying amusements, but the teeming strip of Odessa under the El seldom enjoys the media’s attention. That’s one reason why Metromix’s “Dollar Grub” tour of Brighton Beach Avenue is so welcome. Joshua M. Bernstein wasn’t content to eat a couple of pelmeni and marvel at the M&I; International Food. No, the guy walked down all of Brighton Beach Avenue, eating as he went, and taking pictures. Of all the features we can remember on Brighton, this is the one that conveys the neighborhood best, thanks to a 37-image slideshow and a willingness to drink a lot of bad sodas and eat mysterious pickled objects.

Dollar Grub: Brighton Beach [Metromix]
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