A Mid-Summer Bouquet of Surprises

Platt hated the room at Benoit, and it only got worse from there.Photo: Zach Desart
In the magazine this week, New York’s food editors bring you a bevy of mid-summer surprises. Rob and Robin report on a much-needed ice and gelato bar in Brooklyn, a paella palace on the west side, and a long-delayed Asian bistro in the East Village. Adam Platt visits Alain Ducasse’s much-hyped Benoit, finds it utterly, shamefully wanting, and hands it an ignominious bagel. And Grub Street’s Josh Ozersky presents a guide to summer grilling that will, hopefully, make you forget the hardened hamburgers and gray hot dogs of the Fourth of July. Add in news of a new Whole Foods and a labor shortage facing New York’s kosher meat business, and it’s another good week for feeding in New York.

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