WTF: Tatiana’s Headless, Topless Women

Maybe this will make sense after a few more shots of vodka. Photo: Daniel Maurer

Brighton Beach’s Tatiana isn’t one for subtlety — the stage show is the kind of thing the guys from Knocked Up would definitely drop acid to, and the glass etching at right, of a woman with one breast bared, is par for the course. But situated in the restroom lounge — near a case displaying precious, rare vodka decanters from, um, the Anheuser-Busch Collection — is a piece of sculpture that’s not quite David Altmejd. Did an artist want his PVC-clad girlfriend to know that she “lights up his life”? Or that she’s “kind of shady”? Whatever the meaning of this, we’re glad Tatiana didn’t have to sell it to the Whitney when she was forced to dig deep for her boardwalk permit.

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