Where Does Piper Perabo Stand on Bagel Scooping?

Photo: iStockphoto

As the magazine points out this week, a reader's recent jeremiad against people who get the dough “scooped” out of their bagels generated a firestorm of comments. Scoopers defended themselves— “It's not the calories — it's the TASTE”— while anti-scoopers told them to “eat frickin' melba toast” or “just eat a damn bialy” or “have a pita. Maybe an English muffin.” Now there’s evidence that the scooping debate has gone wide: We’re told that Reward TV, a quiz site, recently asked readers to name Piper Perabo’s biggest pet peeve. One of the possible answers was bagel scooping! Not the correct answer, alas, but since Perabo actually did work at a bagel store (per an interview with Vulture), you have to wonder whether she considers the practice an unforgivable “dough pas.”

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