Trans Fats Out of City Restaurants by July 1


The city, having triumphed first over Crisco, and now having forced the very Burger King himself to kneel before the law of calorie posting, has muscled even further into New York’s kitchens. In the second and final phase of the trans-fat ban, New York restaurants are required to rid themselves of any product made with trans fats, including baked goods, taco shells, cake mix, pizza dough, French fries, and many other delicious treats. In an effort to convince restaurant owners that there will be life after trans fats, the city even touts a brainwashed-sounding statement from Saul Haye, the owner of the Christie’s Meat Patties in Brooklyn: “I made the transition seven months ago. Cooking my patties and baked goods with replacement shortenings hasn’t hurt the products or my business, and it’s healthier for my customers.” Sell it to the tourists, Saul! We’re still going through coco-bread withdrawal.

New York City Restaurants to be Trans-Fat Free by Next Month [NYC.GOV]