Top Wine Prices Not Dropping; Taste the ‘Frozen Popcornsicle’

Youd think that prices for top bottles of wine are falling in this economy, but youd be wrong. [Portfolio]

Is Starbucks killing off independent coffeehouses in Harlem just like it has everywhere else? [Uptown Flavor]

Finish an order of the incredibly spicy phaal curry at Brick Lane Curry House, and theyll give you a free beer and a certificate to prove you ate it. [Serious Eats]

Top Chefs Richard Blais invented the frozen popcornsicle, made with liquid nitrogentreated caramel- and cheese-flavored popcorn, and hell be showing it off at the Garretts Popcorn on Fifth Avenue, in July. [Zagat Buzz]
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Theres a good chance you dont know how to properly make a cup of green tea. [WSJ]

BED is rumored to be reopening in time for the Fourth of July. [Guest of a Guest]