Tom Colicchio Denies ‘Top Chef’ Conspiracy

Tom Colicchio, now a stone statue. Photo: Photo courtesy Bravo

Even Tom Colicchio seems to have had enough of Lisa “the Gorgon” Fernandes — or so we gather from his most recent Top Chef blog post, which went up late yesterday. Perhaps he read all the Grub Street commenters who have rebelled at the show and believe the fix is in to keep Lisa present until the bitter end. “It seems that the theory-that-just-won’t-die has surfaced yet again because of Lisa, who has enraged people with her defiant, arms-crossed Judges' Table scowl,” Colicchio notes. The Gorgon just got lucky most weeks, says the chef, but even he can’t believe she made it over Dale: “It really did seem like Lisa should have been sent home over Dale. I wrote this in my blog not to sell my fellow judges up the river, but rather to empathize with viewers who are left to wonder, How did that happen?” That Colicchio appears to have retained his human form and has not turned to stone makes us wonder if he really examined Lisa's performance closely.

Tom's Blog: Isle of Enchantment [Bravo]

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