Todd English Slaps Back at Steve Lewis’s ‘Insane Ramblings’

todd english

Taking the high road.Photo: Getty Images

Yesterday Steve Lewis burned whatever bridges still connected him to Todd English (the two were going to collaborate on a restaurant-lounge at 98 Kenmare Street, according to Lewis) by calling him a two-bit, lying punk [who] should, in my opinion, never be trusted by anyone community boards, investors, women, anyone. Todd English wouldnt tell us whats going on at Kenmare Street or what the beef might have been about, but he did have this to say, through a rep: It is our policy not to comment on insane ramblings made by ex-convicts. (Lewis was, per the Voice, found guilty of drug charges when he was working with Limelight honcho Peter Gatien.) We've asked Lewis for an insane, rambling comment.

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Update: Todd Englishs rep tells us that hes still interested in pursuing something at 98 Kenmare and is currently in discussions. Steve Lewis has declined to comment further.